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Canadian promo for “beta” is a lot more detailed. #personofinterest

What did he say at the end?

I think he said “I still have a few tricks left.”

"I always have a plan." -Ben Linus




Reese: I’m not doing this anymore. I’m not going anywhere until you give me a way to find him. I’m supposed to keep saving people like this idiot? I want something in return, otherwise I’m done. I know you’ve got your rules, but I’m guessing they don’t account for everybody being dead. No one answering your phone calls, no one saving anyone. No contingency. Do the math and figure out a way to bend your rules, ‘cause he’s my friend. He saved my life, understand? And I won’t do this without him.


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Finch and Reese - Person of Interest


You know, you get those shows sometimes, and they’re great fun, dynamic and interesting and packed with twists, but it’s the central pair who give it real pizzazz, who make it more than just good entertainment. Finch and Reese are one of those pairs.

Right from the very start, the burgeoning relationship between these two was at the head of the list of compelling reasons to stay tuned - ostensibly opposite sorts in habit, skillset, and personality, Harold and John proved to be kindred spirits at heart. They took very different roads in life to reach the same point, the same fractured ideology that brought them together to begin breaking down the tower walls they’d built around themselves, finding room in their isolated, secretive lives to let one another in, little by little. Person of Interest's willingness to display their bond in a straight-forward and unadorned manner is a particular treat - some fans have spoken of it as being like fanfiction come to life - and with a relationship so close, loving, and frequently blissfully domestic, it's a small miracle that in three and a half seasons, there's yet to be one gay joke or snide comment, there's no “haha no homo!” moments or macho-hetero posturing. Finch and Reese can go to the movies and share an umbrella, they can bicker over parenting techniques and responsibilities while caring for an infant or while caring for their dog, Finch can tailor Reese's clothes and Reese can openly declare his thankfulness and his dedication to Finch for giving him something to live for when he had nothing left. They're still a pair of emotionally dysfunctional shut-ins with a suicide pact, but with one another they've managed to find an equilibrium without which they would be incapable of reaching out into the world and reconnecting with the rest of humanity. There's a beautiful unforced chemistry to it all, a genuine sincerity that elevates the relationship - and the show - well beyond “aww, that's nice” and into the realms of “you are hurting my soul but it hurts SO GOOD please continue forever until I die”. And that's a good place to be.

This is also why we have a fandom full of people grinning and crying over eggs benedict.

The writing of these two characters, the casting of two such dissimilar actors who brought these characters to life and the actors themselves, deserve kudos as well.

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I love this picture so much. About yesterday, my comic post, I already wrote that is an imaginary, but that comic was my fault, thats why for a long time, until i had an answer from poi workers, i will not DRAW any thing about poi. İm sad, and sorry.

No worries………..ever. 

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What did the writers say? Oh please continue sharing… Your artwork is brilliant and it’s a pleasure to see your wonderful posts…

OHMYGOD his hair looks so much better like that!!!

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Teen Wolf Cast + Shirtless Photos

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I can’t handle his charm.


robert downey jr | via Tumblr on We Heart It.


robert downey jr | via Tumblr on We Heart It.

POI Re-watch.

So in a slightly more constructive way to deal with my depression being at an all-time high right now (rather than eating, drinking, sleeping, or a combo of those things), I’m re-watching POI from ep 1. I’m on 107, and just noticed something I’ve never heard of… Reese first says that Elias’s gunshot wound is a clean shot and they just need to keep it from getting infected. Later on he pours cocaine on it then super glues it shut… ummm…?